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Single Family Home Presales For Sale | Single Family Home Presales

Condominiums are single units within a larger building. Condos share a wall or two with other units, and generally require the residents to pay a monthly maintenance fee. The units in condos are owned by individuals and managed by a strata corporation. When looking to purchase a new condo, one of the biggest factors to consider is what type of condo you would like to have.

Important Factors in Deciding in Choosing Your Perfect Single Family Home:

  • City and Neighbourhood / Community nearby
  • Type of freehold Condo: low-rise, high-rise building, or a row condo
  • Price range
  • Size of condo to accommodate your family requirements (number of beds/baths, etc.)
  • Daily commute to your work office or School
  • Amenities inside / outside the condo building: Gym, Pool, Playground, Lounge,
  • When do you want to move into your new home?
  • Other factors like monthly maintenance fee, etc.

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